About us

SigerTronic Systems is a computer system integration company, i.e. an Information Technology (IT) company, with offices in Belize and Florida.  SigerTronic was founded in 1993 by three Belizean scholars of Regis University, a Jesuit institution, located in Denver, Colorado. Employing honest and sound business principles, SigerTronic Systems, to this day, continues to be one of the leading authorities on Information Technology in Belize.

SigerTronic Systems has managed to stay at the forefront of technology in Belize by becoming certified partners or creating strategic alliances with many technology vendors such as Dell, HP, Microsoft and Kaspersky.  We’re one of the major retailers of Dell and HP products in Belize and we are established as a Latin America Dell Direct Partner and HP warranty agent for Belize Region.

We carry desktops and notebooks from various manufacturers. Apart from systems, we sell servers, printers, computer parts such as motherboard, memory, hard drive, and processors just to list a few.  We have expanded to a full line of consumer electronics and accessories.

We’re on call when you need us for planning, purchasing, operating or troubleshooting.  SigerTronic Systems specializes in providing complete computer and internet solutions for you.

Technology for a Smarter You.