ArgomTech Selfie Stick



Product Description

ArgomTech Selfie Stick is based on BT HID Wireless Communication Technology and is compatible with Android 3.0 or higher.
The Selfie Stick extends up to 42.6” (108cm) allowing to get the perfect picture.

About the Selfie Stick App
To take a photograph, you must press the Selfie Stick shutter button twice.

For a better experience with your Selfie Stick, we recommend downloading the application SilentFaceCameraâ„¢ or CandyCameraâ„¢. They are available in Google Playâ„¢ or iTunesâ„¢ online stores.


Battery capacity: 45mAH.

Charging voltage: DC 5.0V.

Charging time: 1 hour.

Standby time: 100 hours.

The Selfie Stick automatically goes to “sleep” within 2 minutes if unused


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